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Looking for a modern or classic bathroom,
but worried that it might cost the earth? Don’t be.

Bathroom refurbishment

Top renovations can transform your bathroom at a price you can afford. 

We know that a great bathroom is not just about the quality of the bath or shower. As important as they are, they are just part of what is needed for a truly stunning bathroom.


Whether you are looking for top of the range bathroom furnishing, or working within a more limited budget, the key to a great bathroom is the design and finish.

This is why we don’t just install baths, showers, sinks and toilets, we transform bathrooms, paying attention to every detail to ensure that you have a stylish, smart bathroom with all appliances and units integrated into a room that realises your ambitions.

Whether it’s building a new bathroom or renovating an old one we guarantee to do all the work you need.

As well as installing everything you need for your new bathroom, including baths, showers, sinks, screens, toilets, units and tiling for walls and floors, we also clear away your old bathroom, removing and dispose of anything we are replacing.





Our free no-obligation quotes tell you how much you will pay for all the work required and we guarantee that the price we quote will be valid for 30 days from when we provide it, so that you can decide what you want to spend without feeling under pressure to make a decision quickly.

If you are thinking about renovating or refurbishing your bathroom, call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact us  or email us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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