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Top Renovations


Top Renovations for new flooring, repairs or replacement
- tiles, wood or carpeting


Over time even the smartest flooring can become worn or jaded. Sometimes fashions change and what was a stylish floor becomes out of date and unfashionable. At other times, while the style is still good, chips, cracks, structural damage and everyday wear and tear mean that what was once a stunning design now seems tired and old.

Top Renovations are the people to contact whether you want new flooring, or just want old flooring enhancing with repair and replacement of tiles, wood or carpeting.


Whether it’s one room or an entire house or office, we guarantee the same high standard of finish, craft and workmanship.

We can install flooring you have purchased from other suppliers and also create bespoke or replica flooring where replacements for the original are no longer available.

We also install under floor heating either as part of a floor renovation or as a standalone project where we can replace existing flooring after installation.

Please see underfloor heating for more information.




We have no call-out fees and provide free no-obligation quotes valid for 30 days from the day we provide them. This means you can talk to us about what you want to do with your flooring and what your options are, at your leisure and without any pressure to make an immediate decision. When you do decide it will be on the basis of full information that has been discussed with you.

To start the process of restoring or renovating your flooring, please call us.

Contact us  or email us today for to get started

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