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Underfloor heating is an increasingly popular way of heating your home.

underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is an increasingly popular way of heating your home. It can remove the need for wall heaters and also ensure that heat is spread evenly across a room and that floors are warm to walk on at all times.

We offer a full underfloor heating installation service from initial advice and no obligation quotes on underfloor heating options that would be suitable for your floor, through to installation, finishing and floor coverings.


After installing underfloor heating we can either relay your original floor covering or supply and install new floor coverings if you are looking to add underfloor heating as part of a renovation or refurbishment of a room or property.

What may come as a surprise is that we can do this for old and period properties as well as for more recent builds.

We know that in some older houses, traditional floor coverings require the ability to breath and people are sometimes advised that they are unsuitable for underfloor heating for this reason. Alternatively they are told that underfloor heating can only be provided with extensive work to build up the surface that the floor was built on. This is not the case.

What you may find, when you’re renovating an old property or replacing old flooring, is that floors are uneven, damp or cold. This may not just be a result of the age of the property or flooring, it can also be that the floor was laid on nothing more than earth, ash or sand. This was common practice many years ago, and while it doesn’t make for an unsafe floor it can make for a cold one where under floor heating would be less effective.




There are a range of options to combat this. These include relaying the floor using a concrete sub-floor, which will then also make it easier to install effective under floor insulation and heating, by reducing natural moisture and damp without affecting the floors ability to breathe.

When we are asked to provide quotes for installing underfloor heating, we look at the property, see what the existing flooring is and what it is laid on, and then advise you on the options for installing underfloor heating without replacing original existing flooring or undertaking major work underneath the flooring.

If you’re looking for underfloor heating solutions, whatever the age or style of property, call us today.

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